Driver Training

Driver Training for On-Highway Engines

Cummins Driver Training Video Series

This Video Series is intended for a classroom setting, lobby presentation, or 1-on-1 instruction or review.  Learn and review the way that fits any schedule, with 14 segments, or view it all in one sitting. 

Topics include: Fuel Economy, RPM, Electronic Features, Load-Based Speed Control, Gear-Down Protection, Engine Brake, Road Speed Governor, Cruise Control, Idle Management, Trip Information, the Cummins Aftertreatment System, and more.  

All segments are available to view as a playlist on the CumminsEngines YouTube Channel.

Cummins Radio CD

This CD describes tips and techniques to get the most out of the Cummins engine.

Designed for the drivers themselves, this CD is a great way to listen and learn while on the road.  This compilation of 25 tracks includes tips and techniques to get the most out of a Cummins engine.  Driver training is sprinkled with historical facts about Cummins, music, "blasts from the past" and a game called "Where's your truck?"  Cummins' own Dr. Diesel (Zack Ellison, past Director - Customer Support) and Jason Owens, Customer Technical Support Manager and 20-year veteran driver, make appearances as well.

The listener will learn about Fuel Economy, Load-Based Speed Control, Gear-Down Protection, the Cummins Aftertreatment System and the balance between Power and Performance - all in a lively, fun manner.  This audio training, packaged in a Cummins-branded cardboard sleeve, should be a hit with drivers, fleets and owner-operators.

Cummins Radio CD is Bulletin #4971269

Cummins Engine Driver Tips Card

The Driver Tips Card has been updated to help answer driver questions about differences between previous Cummins engines and the new Cummins products.  It covers general operation information, as well as basic aftertreatment information and a guide to the various dash lamps.  The Cummins Driver Tips card is available to assist drivers in their awareness and actions required in relationship to new sounds, odors, and engine operation.

Driver Lamp Identification Card 
    English - Bulletin 4971518
French (Canada) - Bulletin 4971521
    Spanish (Mexico) - Bulletin 4971522

Driver Tips Card For Fire And Emergency Vehicles
  English - Bulletin 5600279

Driver Tips Card For Natural Gas Engines
  English - Bulletin 4971392

Parked Regeneration Demo Video

This video is intended to provide a high-level overview of the proper procedure for conducting a Stationary (Parked) Regeneration. Please consult the Cummins Owner's Manual for complete details on how to perform a Parked Regeneration, as well as necessary safety precautions.

This video runs approximately 6 minutes. It is recommended that you download the file to your hard drive prior to viewing.   Download

Also find a Parked Regeneration video dedicated to Fire and Emergency here.